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Sunrise sessions are quickly becoming my favorite. Not only because of the lighting, but also because of the quiet peacefulness in the morning. Jake and I met with Jesse+Andrew at the trailhead and adventured out to the overlook in Blackwater Falls State Park. One of the big highlights of the area is all the views and at sunrise, it’s pretty amazing! We were actually in the clouds too so it was awesome!Jake was able to grab some crazy cool shots from the drone.

We also had to grab some photos at a nearby waterfall. The light was amazing!! We loved getting to know Jesse+Andrew. They are so much fun and kind. We got to learn a little about how them along the way. Hiking during sessions always lends to lots of talking, which I love. It helps us get to know each other. Jesse mentioned “blue steel” at one point in our session and I laughed so hard. I knew we were going to get along wonderfully. After the session, we all went out for breakfast together at TipTop in Thomas. A perfect ending to the morning.

Be sure to take a peek at all the photos and scroll to the end for a behind-the-scenes video of the session. So much fun!adventure session adventure session adventure session adventure session

We had such an amazing time with Jesse+Andrew and can’t wait for their wedding!! It’s going to be awesome!!