couple kissing at overlook in blackwater falls
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Fall is one of the best times for having an engagement session in Blackwater Falls. It can get a little chilly sometimes, but the colors are out of this world and it’s perfect for snuggling with each other. Krystle and Ryan traveled to the area for the weekend to have some fun and have their session. It was a perfect morning for it.

We loved hearing how they met and all the things they love to do together on the weekends. They love exploring, wineries, breweries, backpacking, camping and geocaching. We love all of those things and it makes Blackwater Falls a perfect place for their engagement session.

We hiked out to a beautiful overlook for some photos. It’s so peaceful in the mornings in the park. There was no one but us there for a while and this was probably one of the only times we saw other people around. We explored the park with these two while stopping to take photos at the gorgeous scenery around. They are so much fun to hang out with too, made it a ton of fun for us!

They loved the area so much, they said they wanted to start visiting it every year. We love hearing that! We are so happy for you two and so excited for your wedding!! It’s going to be amazing!