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There’s just something so fun about being able to be creative with other industry vendors and stepping out of your comfort zone. Fall is the perfect time to explore some new ideas; the warmth of the sunsets and the colorful leaves make it amazing. Erika from Ella & Co. was wonderful to work with on this boho-themed inspiration shoot.

So much planning, time and work goes into these shoots, but it’s all so worth it to see something beautiful created. We knew we had to have the shoot before the leaves left completely, but planning it around rain can be challenging. Our models, Milly and Mitchell were amazing to work with and had just celebrated their anniversary. He’s a firefighter and she’s a professional dancer, which is so cool!

The location, which was provided by Best of Canaan was an ideal place for a fall shoot. You can see the beautiful mountains all around and the tall grasses waving in the wind (and there was a lot of wind!) We also had a beautiful apple cheesecake created by Sirianni’s Pizza Cafe.

We wanted to get a little background for you all on Ella & Co. and how this shoot came to light.

Q+A with Ella & Co.

Introduce your company and what you do/offer. 

I’m Erika, owner and creative of Ella & Co. I am a designer, collector and curator of all things lived in and loved on. I specialize in wedding and event design, planning, florals and specialty rentals of antique and vintage furnishings and unique goods. I have a brick and mortar shop in a historic, once coal town, in the middle of the mountains of West Virginia — offering antique, vintage, and handmade home goods and furnishings.

When thinking about the design, what was your inspiration?

Autumn is one of the most captivating times of the year. A season that is influenced so heavily by the rain and temperature throughout the year. Autumn is fleeting in the highest mountains. While its colors are a recipe made up of the elements of the previous seasons its results are never short of a surprise, ever changing, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. While the vibrancy of what most might call a “perfect autumn” recipe is unmatched, I, too find the “in-betweens” just as mesmerizing. When the rich peek colors are just past their prime, an umber blanket of ambers, coppers, browns, and deep burgundies fill the mountains with a warm crisp and cozy feeling.

Everything has beauty and even those in-between palettes have the ability to enhance the true flavors of fall if paired with the right pieces. This space was inspired by the timelessness of nature. Driftwood, dried and preserved flowers and foliage paired with the natural elements of minerals and gemstones of the earth were united with a copper framework and illuminated by the sunset, lanterns, and candlelight. 

What makes the location amazing? Why is this spot perfect for weddings+events?

The mountains of West Virginia are like cathedrals in and of themselves. I find peace here with an unrivaled space to connect not only with nature, but with one another. Weddings and events are opportunities for togetherness and in a hustling and bustling world, an opportunity to really “just be” with one another, celebrating life and love, within an already naturally beautiful venue makes for an experience like none other. Time moves a little slower in the mountains and what better place to start the begging of a new chapter in life.

Can you talk a little about your design style?

I am inspired and captivated by nature and the natural surroundings of the land and mountains. I pull those inspirations through locations and foliage and flowers to textures, colors, and even scents. Most of the furnishings I use in my designs are decades old — they have depth, history, and character. My design is intentional and authentic with roots in heritage, but dreams for the future. I strive to use design to create real experiences that harbor a comfortable, cozy, and true environment.

Talk a little about your store and all the products and home goods you offer.

You’ll find many items I use from our rental inventory are like items you can find for sale in our brick and mortar shop. Real and authentic antiques, vintage, and handmade pieces. From the beeswax candlesticks, handmade ceramic dinner plates and linen napkins to the cozy blankets, leather earrings and everlasting floral centerpieces. The shop is curated with items that tell a story, whether it be one of history or those hand made by small business or artisans. Our brick and mortar shop offers these goods to you for your home and special spaces.

What’s your main goal as an event planner and designer?

I would say my main goal as an event planner and designer is to use design to create and curate a foundation or cornerstone that will help to best tell your story and to create real and authentic experiences that will last a lifetime in hearts and minds. 

Thank you Erika, for sharing a little about your style and inspiration! Now for the photos!

Gold table with gold candles and dried flowers on it.
Woven grass bag with dried flowers in them.
Orange couch with dried flower bouquet
hat with dried flowers on yellow couch
tablescape with copper mugs and candles
Tablescape with organe candles and brass mugs
bryce canyon candle ella from company
dried bouquet on wicker chair
Yellow antique couch with cowboy hate and blanket with leather jacket
black and white image of couple kissing in boho clothing with dried bouquet
Couple in bohemian clothing holding hands and a dried bouquet
couple with foreheads together
woman with feather earrings smiling