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We had a great opportunity to work with Hobo Hammocks. Their Yak Sak sleeping bag and pad are so amazing. Seriously one of the most comfortable sleeping bags we have ever tried. They also have an unlimited lifetime warranty. Say what?!

We love companies that give back and for each Yak Sak you purchase, the company provides a free meal to the homeless. AMAZING!

The Yak Sak sleeping bags have a rating of 20 degrees. With all the snow we have been having lately, it was still so warm and cozy inside the sleeping bag! There is also a fleece lining inside at your feet and it’s oh-so-warm!

The pad connects to the sleeping bag via the back. It makes it so it doesn’t slip all around. It self-inflates which is awesome and so convenient! They also are super light and easy to carry in the bags they come in, which is perfect for backcountry camping. We also love the color!

If you want to check ours out, let us know and we would be happy to show you the awesomeness!

If you want to check Hobo Hammocks Yak Sak out, go to this link.