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When we were chatting about where Caroline+Colt wanted to have their engagement session, we had talked about Dolly Sods. It has some pretty epic views and lots of beautiful spots. They definitely knew they wanted to start at Caroline’s family farm (which is AMAZING!). So our plan was to start there and then adventure to Dolly Sods, which can be a decent drive, depending on the weather and road conditions.

During the session, we got to hear how they met (through friends) and their plans for their future together. They love going for walks, being with family and friends, and traveling. One of their bucket list places places to visit together is Switzerland.

They were seriously so adorable together and it was so sweet to see Colt take care of Caroline and making sure she was doing ok during it all! It was a crazy day with fog and rain, but it was so worth the cold and rain!

We had a blast with you guys, wandering through the forest in the rain and fog. It was definitely an experience we will never forget! We are so excited for your wedding too! It’s going to be amazing!