Kristi+Seth’s elopement in Dolly Sods was beautiful! They love the area, so they wanted to have their elopement at a place that meant something to them. Dolly Sods is a place that can take your breath away. It always reminds us of Colorado when you are at the top of the mountain and drive along the road. 

We started in the Canaan area at a beautiful house near Timberline. They had a gorgeous first look, surrounded by beautiful fall leaves. Then we all drove up to Dolly Sods for an amazing sunset elopement. It was a tad cold and a little windy at the top, but it was perfect. It was the middle of the week, with only a few people around at Bear Rocks, so it felt like a really intimate ceremony for all.

The ceremony was sweet and there were some super funny moments. The moon completely showed off at the end too. 

We had such an amazing time with you all and are so happy for you!

Newly married couple hugging at Bear Rocks in Dolly Sods