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We have to be honest with you all, life is pretty weird right now. With all that is still going on in the world, it’s hard to navigate the day you dreamed of and we get that. We are totally here to help. We don’t know when the rules will change and we are taking it all as it comes…and goes.

We have gotten a ton of messages and calls over the last 2+ months about what to do and wanted to share some insight into what you can do now or in the near future.

Some of our couples are postponing until later in the year or even into next year. Some of our other couples are opting to have an elopement/intimate day and then have a party next year, when it feels safer for their family and friends.

There are many different ways you can create a memorable day soon (as soon as it’s safe and Ok’d) and then celebrate with your family and friends later. We see some of our couples saddened by their day coming and going.

We can’t imagine how you are feeling, but we know your day will be amazing when it comes.

Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate now:

Let’s create a day of adventuring on mountaintops + near waterfalls with just you two when the time comes and things open up and traveling is easier.

We can still photograph you two and your love for each other and follow the social distancing rules. What we keep reading is that even when it all opens up, larger events might still not be allowed.

What’s helps too, is that they are saying that being outside is a lot safer than being inside. We love being in the outdoors and love creating some epic adventures, so if you are up for it, we’d love to chat to see how we can create a memorable day for you two. There are so many options for amazing locations nearby to explore.

What would be cool too is if you rent a cabin or hotel room and have a local chef create the perfect meal for you to take it all in together and truly cherishing the moments you have together. We can help with everything to make your day special.

Let’s create a day of adventuring on mountaintops + near waterfalls with you two and some of your closest family/friends.

You might be worried about how your other family + friends might react, but honestly they will understand you are doing what is safer for everyone. A lot of places are still saying only up to 10 people allowed at events and this could be perfect. It is, your day and you get to choose what you want to happen on it.

And then later you can still have a ceremony and party with you all together. It can still be just as meaningful and maybe even more so when the time comes for everyone to celebrate together.

Things to think about before deciding:

What do you two really want? Ask yourselves some difficult questions. Talk to us about your thoughts and ideas. Do you want to wait or do you think you would be happy with an elopement or intimate day? Will you miss having your closest loved ones there or do you think you’d be happy either way? Do you have some older or immunocompromised family members or friends you want to be there?

Look over your contracts with other vendors to see if a celebration later is possible. We have been super flexible with changes and hope your other vendors are too. It’s a tough time for everyone right now, but we know when we are able to be with you all and capture all the moments again, we will be so excited.

You can probably still have the celebration the way you wanted to have it with the venue/location. Just talk to them and see what your options are and you can even have a more relaxed celebration too if you want and we’d love to capture that too. It is going to be quite momentous when it all happens and we’d love to see all the joy when it does.

Check out the local laws for events (we can help with that). For some recent news, here is a recent article about the state of the industry and how events are being affected by the virus. Lot’s of people are saying that weddings aren’t going to be allowed if they are over a certain number of people and we aren’t sure when that is going to change. We are taking it all day by day.

We know it’s not an easy decision, but we are here to help you figure it all out. Remember that it’s your day and you get to decide what you want. Let’s set up a phone call or video chat to see what route you want to take. We are in this together and are here for you!