August 3, 2015

I am so excited to share these images from Ivana + Danny’s engagement session! A little back story first though…I met Ivana back in 2008, when I was teaching Yearbook class in Florida. Yep, I was a teacher, for a VERY short time and no I don’t have a degree in teaching. lol

Ivana was so helpful in the class and showed so much creativity and leadership. She helped out so much (especially since I was pregnant with twins at the time).  She ended up getting accepted to SCAD and is doing so well there (graduating in December…yay!!).

Over the years, I have had a few photoshoots with her and we have always remained in contact. She has always been so driven and creative and I have always loved seeing her work over the years. When she wrote me recently, saying she was getting married, I was so excited for her and even more excited she wanted me as her photographer!

We met in DC for the session at her family’s house (they are all so amazing and so sweet!). Her family is awesome and they made us some really tasty Peruvian food (I don’t remember all the names, but I do remember causa and arepas..hopefully I am spelling it correctly..I definitely had to Google it…lol) and some sangria! I am serious. It was all SO GOOD. I also loved that we got to hang out and play games and get to know everyone so well! They have the biggest hearts and are all so funny!

We had two fun times to shoot and hang which was completely awesome!I brought Jake with me to help with shooting/working with the smoke bombs and he helped so much in DC when we drove all over the place to shoot. He did GREAT!

I am so excited to share the first part of the engagement with you all and can’t wait to share the second part! This part has all of the woodsy, smoky stuff. Hope you love! We had such an amazing time! I am looking forward to their December wedding in Florida!!

Be sure to check back soon for Part 2!