On your wedding or elopement day, we want to capture you and all of the things you feel. Whether it’s happy, sad, loving, sweet, excited, etc. You get the feeling now, right? See what we did there? ;)

We get asked sometimes about our style and the way we shoot. Our photography style goes along with what the light is like on the day of the wedding. We capture your emotions in the light given. When it’s sunny, you will notice more contrast (blacks + whites in the images). When it’s gloomy and darker outside, you will see a more moody and softer light image, because that is how it really looked in person. We don’t do the bright and airy and don’t overexpose our images. You will always see the details in the white of your wedding dress and your white flowers.

Our main goal is to capture you in all your realness. We want to capture who you are, what you are feeling at that moment in time, and your love for each other. We want you to remember your day the way it really looked on that day.

We can’t control the weather or the lighting, but we have some moments during the day where we can be creative and show you in the best light. Here are a few examples about the lighting situations and explanations on why we shot the way we did.

This day was full of surprises. It was rainy, sunny, rainy with sun and every way in between. At this moment, there was more soft lighting because there were clouds and it was just done sprinkling.What’s cool about these shots is that it was around the same time, but I (Shannon) used the backlighting to create a silhouette and then also shot it regularly. It was raining, but the sun made it beautiful and these two were troopers (we hiked a bunch and spent time in the rain for a bit)!This is as the sun was going down behind them. It’s a little “moodier” because the light is coming from behind them, behind the trees and it’s much softer lighting because it was around the sunset time. This is the same wedding and much earlier in the day, as we were hiking up at Dolly Sods. The image has a lot more contrast in it because of the nature of the sun’s location and time of day.This day was super sunny and hot out. I used a lot of backlighting for the images during the day. There never is a real sunset at this location, so the best time to shoot the couples is right before the sun goes over the mountain (about an hour or so before the real sunset time).This was right after the ceremony and the lighting was soft for a moment. The trees to the right of the frame blocked much of the sun to create a softer lighting situation.The majority of their day was gloomy outside, except for a short period of time during the first look. This means there is much less harsh light and shadows, which turned out to be perfect.As we just wrote, it was a little bright during the first look, but we used that light to our advantage. It’s better to use some side lighting when in the sun like this. It turned out so beautiful!Their wedding day was gloomy out also (hello all of our May weddings which were gloomy and/or monsoons). The lighting was amazing though so we got some amazing images and moments.It was darker out at this time, but it made for an amazing scene and moment.This day was gloomy all day and rainy off and on. The lighting is a loft softer and has less harsh lines. Not sure if the sun came out at all on this day. The light is still soft here, but still so pretty!
We are using backlighting for the majority of our wedding at this spot. It creates a more dramatic scene that is oh so beautiful.

This is the same location where we said that there isn’t a sunset, but we use backlighting a lot before the sun goes down and it works out perfectly. 
We used backlighting and her veil to create something unique. The lighting here was super strong from behind them, so we wanted to shoot in a way that would highlight them both without being too contrasty.

This lighting was a little softer, because it was high and to the right of the barn. We love how this came out!
Their day was pretty sunny throughout it, so knowing where the sun was located was really important. This first look was shot when the sun was high (and to the right of the camera), but they were in a good position to not create any harsh lines on their faces.See that light? It’s strong, but the way they were positioned helped tremendously to create beautiful moments.

We are moment people and we want the moments to be captured the same way they looked on your beautiful day. If it’s sunny, gloomy, rainy, snowing, we are there to capture it all.

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