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Jake and I traveled to Florida with our family over the holidays and it was such a wonderful time. We drove with my mom and the girls and met my brother and his family in Panama City Beach. We wanted to go somewhere southern and warm because it’s been so cold in WV. It turns out, Florida wasn’t too warm either. It was really nice to be able to hang out with family though and we stayed in a really nice place, right on the beach, with an amazing view.

I woke up early most days. I would head out to the beach as soon as I woke up, sometimes with the kids and sometimes without. We saw stingrays mostly every day. We even got to see dolphins on a couple occasions (check it out below). It was calm and tranquil and allowed me to think more about life and all the things in it that are important to me.

I spent time reflecting on the past year. The good, the bad, all of it. I am very thankful for such a great year, filled with so many learning experiences. It was a year of trying to get back to doing what I love and being with the people I love. It was a wonderful year of amazing clients and meeting so many amazing people. So thankful for each and every one of you guys!

Everyone always asks why we drive (instead of flying) to the destinations most of the time, but I really enjoy the drive. It’s a time for us all to be together and chat. The girls love hotels too, so it’s a win-win. You will see the girls and their cousins and some very epic sunrises and sunsets. I played with long exposures and worried less about perfect lighting and just capturing the moment. Hope you love!