This is us. No, not the show. Although I told myself I wouldn’t watch it, I will have to admit that I do now. So, back to what I was saying. This is us. The girls had a day off from school so we decided to go play in the snow and see some frozen waterfalls in Thomas. It was -5 and so cold, but so worth it!

Here’s some stuff on my mind right now. I know that we all strive to be perfect. To have the perfect life. To share only the most perfect images. To look perfect to everyone on the outside.

“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?”

This is one of my favorite quotes from The Office. I kind of love The Office and can watch it over and over by the way. It was in the finale and always spoke to me.

Listen, I totally get the hesitation and waiting to get in photos until you lose those last baby pounds. I had twins! I know the idea of waiting until you feel good about yourself. To wait until the right moment. To never feel like getting in front of the camera. I can hide behind the camera non-stop by the way and am pretty used to that.

The thing is, sometimes you will never feel ready or perfect enough for photos. Perfect is boring. Be who you are. Show who you are. Exist. Get in the images whenever you can, exist and make some memories!

Here’s a few images from our time in the snow. We aren’t dressed up. We aren’t perfect. We were playing in the snow and making some fun memories. I actually made a point to use my remote and get in some images so I would exist in this moment. And it made me feel good.