August 29, 2018

I had such an amazing time with Hannah! We got to explore the Blackwater Falls area and along the way, we ran into about five deer and were able to get a few with them in the background of some of the photos. SO COOL!

When I learned about Hannah, I was so excited to learn that she wanted to have her session at waterfalls and in the mountains. It’s totally my thing! I also loved finding out that she listens to some awesome music, including: Vance Joy, Mumford and Sons, Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Ballroom Thieves. She loves thrifting and finding weird clothes, which I love! She loves spending time with friends. She is in the band and plays soccer. She enjoys hiking too.

We chatted a lot along the way about her interests and she told me she is really into forensics, which is so awesome! After high school, she plans to go to college for something in that field. So excited for your future!