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Kate and Jay’s intimate wedding was one we will never forget. When we met them and photographed their adventure session, we knew their day was going to be amazing. They both have such amazing hearts and their love for each other is so easy to capture.

Their wedding day was full of so many sweet moments and loving people. The day started with some golfing with the guys. Jake even participated and had an amazing time with Jay and everyone!

We started photography at a cute bed and breakfast called Back Creek Inn. It was perfect for the day. The ceremony was full of laughter and tears and beautiful moments. We got to photograph Kate+Jay at the beach too, which was pretty amazing.

The reception at Heritage 485 continued the festivities and memorable moments. They had the most amazing food and drinks. Everyone definitely looked like they were having an amazing time.


We met on Bumble an online app, but had grown up just miles from each other. Jay grew up playing baseball with Kate’s best guy friend from high school and on our fourth date we found out that we went to nursery school together! If only there were photos of three year old Jay and two year old Kate playing in the sandbox…

Our first date was for drinks and dinner after two weeks of chatting, and Kate’s family trip to Cuba. She was still sick from the trip and they ordered the blandest food. Jay was a champ about it :)


It was effortless. Growing up having gone to rival high schools, we had a lot of the same experiences. We shopped at the same mall, went to some of the same restaurants, the same movie theater for “dates” in high school etc. Having so many connections and shared experiences allowed us to connect and grow quickly without needing to learn and understand the other’s background or upbringing.

We wanted the same things, and were aligned on all the big issues due to the shared background which allowed us to “work” more quickly than other relationships.


Jay proposed on our two year anniversary at home. He knew Kate didn’t want something public (she told him she’d kill him if he proposed on a Jumbotron!), and didn’t even last 12 hours after getting the ring from the jeweler. After exchanging anniversary cards, and silly presents, Kate put on her shoes and turned to open their condo door. Jay claims he said “there’s one more thing”, Kate heard “are you forgetting something” and turn around to see Jay down on one knee. He cried, she was in shock and didn’t taste one thing they ate for dinner after. She knew it was coming and he still managed to completely surprise her and create an unforgettable night.

What an amazing story and day! We are truly so thankful to be there for all the moments and joy and love. Thank you Kate+Jay and your family for being so welcoming and sweet to us. We loved each and every moment. Congrats to you both!

An amazing intimate wedding day filled with so much joy and laughter, in Solomons, MD with Kate+Jay.