July 15, 2016

Hey all!

I don’t normally share a ton of personal photos, but I have decided to share a little more. My family is really into hiking, camping, traveling and all that entails. I am sometimes reminded by Jake that we need to get outside and unplug to refresh ourselves.

We hiked two cool trails this past week in Thomas, WV. We are super close to the town and LOVE hanging out there. It’s got a super cool vibe and the people+shops remind me of Boulder…but maybe a super small Boulder.

The one I am sharing is from yesterday, when we hiked towards Douglas Falls. I have NO idea what the trail is called, but it’s about 2.5 miles one way. We had our twins ride bikes because we knew it was a little longer and flat. The dogs did well, except on the way back. It was SUPER hot and Bailey (the little one) got overheated so Jake and I took turns carrying her back. She sits low to the ground and the ground was really hot, so I know that’s what affects her.

The girls did great! Once we got to the waterfalls, we were all in awe. It is AMAZING! There is a little pool at the bottom and the girls/dogs got to play a bit in the water. Makes the walking/biking much more worth it! :)

I hope our girls never get tired of adventuring. Where are your favorite places to go?