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When you are having an adventure elopement or intimate wedding, it’s always good to be prepared and we have your back. It gets tough to know what to bring, but that’s why we are here to help! When the weather constantly changes (which it does), it’s even more tough to gauge what you need.

We have been photographing crazy weather situations throughout the last 11 years of our business. We have had snow/rain/sun all in one day, torrential downpours, 107+ degree weather, so knowing what can happen and being prepared is always good.

When we work with our couples, we will always suggest things to bring, to help make the day run smoothly. We have been hiking for many years, and have done a lot of backcountry camping and hiking, so we know how crazy the weather can be and how to prepare for it.

That’s why we compiled a list of possible things you need, any time of year and for any location. We will always send a customized list for every day, since every day is different.

bride and groom with dog, walking on rocks on top of a mountain

Things to Bring ALL the Time:

  • water (we love the bladders, because it’s easier to access and carry in our bags)
  • food/snacks (bring more than you think, just in case)
  • backpacks (we use Gregory Osprey bags)
  • boots (if we’re hiking)
  • sunscreen
  • extra socks (you never know if it will be muddy and it sucks to have wet socks for real — the wicking ones are the best)
  • extra shoes (if you want some for hiking and some dressier ones for the ceremony if you want, but many of our couples just leave boots on)
  • extra hair and makeup (just in case)
  • rain jackets (it definitely rains out of nowhere sometimes)
  • hand warmers (that rain can make you cold!)
  • headlamps (for night or early morning hiking)
  • bear bells (if in bear areas — but we tend to talk a lot to make sure we don’t sneak up on any wildlife)

Extra Items to Bring for Warmer Weather:

  • extra water
  • extra food/snacks
  • change of clothes
  • extra shoes
  • hats for coverage
bride and groom hiking in snow on elopement day

Extra Items to Bring for Cold or Rainy Weather:

  • extra water
  • extra food/snacks
  • rain jackets
  • snow jackets/puffers
  • umbrellas
  • towels (dry quick ones are the best)
  • extra socks
  • extra shoes
  • hiking boots or snow boots
  • micro spikes or crampons (if snow/ice is present)
  • snowshoes (if there’s a lot)
  • snow gaiters
  • hand warmers
  • gloves
  • skin colored fleece-lined leggings for under the dress
  • thermals for under clothes
  • beanies/toboggans to keep your head warm
  • scarves

Best Places to Get Your Gear

  • Local recreational stores (for sure — they are always so helpful)
  • REI
  • Sierra Trading Post (great deals on things)
  • The North Face
  • Backcountry
  • Patagonia