We have been in business for a while now and figured it was about time to share some helpful information with you guys who are photographers or other types business owners! This would definitely help anyone in the wedding industry. We always try to help our fellow business owners and try to encourage them to use tools that will help their lives be more of a balance between life and work. We are really into the work hard play hard philosophy and always want to be able to do all the things we want to do in life.

We know life gets crazy and having a business also does and when you mix the two, sometimes you don’t know where to start in organizing your business. We know everyone has tools they like, but here are some of my favorites that we have found helpful over the years to help streamline everything.



Dubsado is awesome! It’s great for client communication, inquiries, workflows, contracts, payments, time tracking and even more! I love this software and love the community that the company has created. They share videos all the time and are so available to help if needed. I can keep all my documents and communication with clients and leads in one spot and not have to hunt it all down. It even has a client portal, so my clients can see their contracts, invoices and all the information they need. So worth it to me!


Our software for delivering client galleries is Pic-Time and we love it! We have tried a few different options and for right now, it fits our needs. It’s super easy. The user interface is simple and pretty and our clients love it! We also love that our clients can order prints through us and share the gallery with their friends and family!

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It’s pretty much a necessity. We use Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Acrobat and Bridge much of the time so we have the full Creative Cloud Suite. They do have plans that you can have that are Photoshop and Lightroom only, which is much cheaper.


Flothemes is an awesome company that creates wordpress templates and custom designs. We have used their templates since 2012 and love them. They are great people to work with and are always so helpful. They have clean and modern designs, which is what we love!


Moo has awesome business cards and we love that you can have different images on each card. If we have a portrait client, we will give them a card that has a portrait client on it. If we meet someone that needs a elopement/wedding photographer, we hand out a card with a wedding on it. Boom!

We don’t print much of our marketing materials these days, but when we do, we try to be as green as possible.


Creative Market is one of our go-to places for design templates and ideas for print and online marketing. They also have some great fonts to choose from and we love that they have some really modern ideas. Each week, they have some freebies and the majority of the time, they are awesome! Definitely check them out!


Square is amazing! We have been using it a long time and have never had any issues. It has a super simple backend and it’s easy to invoice and track money. You can also use it in person if needed with a reader (you pay more without one), which makes taking payments in person so quick. We recently connected it to our Dubsado account which makes it even easier to invoice and take payments!


Backblaze is an awesome utility for backups. We normally used it for our images so we know things will be safe and in the cloud. We will say, it’s not as great to have since living in the mountains with really slow internet. It would be perfect for people living in an area with faster upload speeds.

**Some of the links are referral links, but really, these companies are awesome and I wanted to share!**

What tools do you like to use and which ones help you guys out? Feel free to share!


Narrative is utility for creating blog posts and it helps to make the blog posts prettier and also helps to make it quicker and better for SEO.

**Some of the links are referral links, but really, these companies are awesome and I wanted to share!**


Top Business Apps for Photographers and Small Business Owners