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This summer, we had such a great trip to visit family on the west coast. On one day, we ended up hanging out with Jake’s grandmother in Oregon. On the way back, I wanted everyone to see Astoria. I visited there during the summer before I went into 6th grade. It was a month-long trip with my parents and brother. I can remember the time like it was yesterday. It was a rainy day and we stayed in the hotel room and played cards all evening. There was a baseball game on the tv while we played. We were so excited to be there because Goonies and Kindergarten Cop were filmed there.

I just knew I wanted to take our girls there to see the area and since we were so close, we had to. We had our niece with us too. It was a beautiful drive and we ended up going to Long Beach, Washington to play on the beach for a bit. We had to get back to the ferry ride in time, so we couldn’t make it all the way to Cannon Beach. It was still so beautiful and I loved seeing our girls faces. They were so happy to be there. So much joy! They are about 2 years younger than I was when I saw the Pacific Ocean. I am pretty sure they could have stayed there forever.