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Jessica and Tim’s adventure engagement session was awesome! We headed to the waterfall location a couple hours prior to the session to make sure it was doable and safe. Safe is the big word there. We took some photos of the location so Jessica and Tim could decide for sure if they wanted to go there. They were in…yay!

We love hearing how everyone meets each other and it was so cool to hear that they were friends way before they started dating. Jessica is a twin by the way and so we chatted a lot about that too. I have had a couple twins for clients this past year. I love hearing stories about their connections to each other.

We stopped at TipTop to grab some drinks and chat a little before. Since they had just driven in, we figured it would be good to chill for a few before starting to hike. If there is time, we love to be able to do that! The ladies had some cider and I am pretty sure the guys had IPAs (which I cannot do, ha!). We headed to the spot and the trail was definitely steep and muddy, but totally worth it!

After the first waterfall, we grabbed some more images at another and then headed out to a lookout. The hike is a quick walk to the overlook. You may not see it, but there were about 20 people out there, so actual shooting was a little tricky. We managed to get some amazing shots of the sunset. So happy!

They are so sweet to each other. Tim was always making sure Jessica was ok hiking down to the waterfalls and on the hike. They look at each other with so much love.We can’t wait for their wedding next year! Take a peek at their beautiful session and the video at the end!