2024 Blackwater Falls Elopement Guide

Some ins and outs for your elopement in Blackwater Falls Elopements. We live only 15 minutes away, so we know some pretty amazing spots in the area.


What is an Elopement?

It’s whatever you want it to be.


Don’t listen to others when they say you have to “run away” to elope. You can create a day you will always remember and don’t have to worry about planning it super far in advance. You can hike a mountain, go kayaking, take a jeep tour, go camping with your closest friends or just the two of you, or travel to an epic place. There are so many options.

We keep our elopements to 10 people and under, but there is so much you can do. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your love and if you love the outdoors, we can do something insanely epic and memorable.

Most of our couples book between 2-10 months ahead of their day (of course some have shorter or longer time frames too).


Top 4 Reasons to Elope in Blackwater Falls


You can have a more intimate experience

You want your day to be memorable for the both of you (and your closest friends/family if you want). There are way more options with less people and that’s perfect for you both. Having a local chef cook for you is such a great way to have dinner together at your rental. Blackwater Falls and the area is super laid back too, so it’s much easier to have a more intimate day.


You can adventure more

You can camp, hike, and do all the fun stuff a lot easier with less people. There are so many more options of getting to the gorgeous places and getting permits for some of the locations too (not all need permits — we can help with that!). You can choose to chill or have an insane itinerary to create some epic moments.


You can have more epic photos

Sunrise and sunset, it doesn’t matter. Your photos will be beautiful and you will have much more time to explore to some insanely beautiful spots if you elope. Your schedule will be much easier and flexible with less people. You can have those epic sunrise, sunset, starry night photos sitting by a campfire if you elope.


You can save money

Sometimes we don’t know if we need to mention this, but eloping with less people is much more cost effective than with 200-300 people. You can splurge on great food, a gorgeous dress, cool lodging and experiences, among other things you might want.


How To Plan the Elopement in Blackwater Falls

What to think about when eloping:



First off. Think about the why. Why do you want to elope? It could be so many different reasons like:
– You want something easier
– You want to do WHATEVER you want
– You want something more memorable and more of an experience
– You want to escape some family drama
– You want to save some money
– You want to explore a new place with the love of your life.

It doesn’t matter what the reason, but it matters that you are both on the same page about the why and what you envision together.



Sit down, grab some coffee/tea/beer/wine and brainstorm some of your favorite places in Blackwater Falls and the area. When you two sit down, and chat and think about places, what pops into your heads? Waterfalls? Mountaintops? Jeep rides? Hiking? Paddleboarding or kayaking? Think about who will be there and what will work best too for that # of people. You can always hike together and share your vows, and then have a ceremony with family/friends later.



What type of weather do you want to be in? Do you like the fall leaves, the summer heat, the snow? Do you want to go when it’s less busy at the location?
Another thing to think about is whether the time of year matters with your work or not. Locations are always less busy during the week, rather than the weekend. Can you manage to get away during the week? Do you have time off available to make your elopement a little longer and more of an adventure? Do you want to make an entire getaway of it all and combine your wedding with a vacation? Because elopements are amazing for that!

Blackwater Falls and the area has great location options for most times of the year. Summer is busier, but that doesn’t mean it’s more difficult. Fall is gorgeous, but way busier. Winter is always gorgeous too, but you have to be ready for any type of weather. Spring is pretty, but it can be muddy. If it’s a busier time of year, we always suggest not having your wedding on the weekend.



Who do you want to be there? Think long and hard about who you couldn’t imagine not being there on your day. You don’t have to have anyone, but sometimes our couples still want some of their family and friends around. You can still include some of your closest people even when you elope. You can hike together and have your own moments and then meet up with them after (or even before). If you want them there for everything, there are always more options to include them in all the festivities.
If you just want you two, that is always an option and we always support our couples to do whatever they want.


Deciding on Vendors at Blackwater Falls

It all depends on your budget and what vendors do you want to be there of course, but here are some you might want for your day. We can suggest some vendors to help your day be amazing too.

Photographer (oh, hey)
Officiant (we tend to suggest close friends or family to make it more fun)


Blackwater Falls Elopement Locations

There are 2 actual locations for ceremonies that they allow. Pendleton Point + by the Blackwater Falls Lodge. Pendleton Point is more secluded and not around as many people, so we suggest that spot more. After the ceremony, we love to explore the park and some other gorgeous spots around!


What to Wear for your Blackwater Falls Elopement

The fun stuff!

If you’re hiking for your elopement, you can choose to hike in your dressy clothes or change when you get out to the ceremony location. It can be super muddy on the trails here during certain seasons.

We have had some brides have two dresses, one for hiking and one for the ceremony and the rest of the day. We have even had some couples have an evening outfit to change into also. The choice is really up to you!

Some of our couples might plan their day more last minute, so what to wear can be stressful sometimes. Here are some awesome stores that can work for your day:

* you can also find new and used dresses on etsy at other retailers + local boutiques


On our Elopements?

Check out more information at our Info+Pricing page or feel free to contact us too! We can’t wait to chat!

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”