COLORADO COUPLE | NIKKI + CHRIS (with horses, chef+libby)

We had such an amazing time with Nikki+Chris in Colorado recently! They are family and we are so happy we got to hang out with them for a wedding and catch up with life. It’s been a long time and we’re so thankful we got to see the fam recently!

Nikki+Chris haven’t had a photoshoot with just them in I don’t even think since their wedding maybe (and they have been married since 2000)…so we wanted to be able to do something fun for them. They are the kindest human beings (have the sweetest kids and we loved hanging out with them all and Jake’s uncle/Nikki’s dad too). They have always been so loving to us and our family.

They are in the coolest location…they have a farm and live in an old farmhouse that was built in 1912 (if I recall correctly), but are still near the city stuff. It’s so cool! We got to watch them get their horses (Chef+Libby) ready for the session. They are beautiful horses and so sweet. I have always been kind of scared of horses, but these two were so sweet and calm that I felt pretty comfortable with them.

Jake rode Libby with Nikki to the park nearby. It was beautiful! The yellow colors were all over and the sunset was gorgeous! We’re so happy we got to spend time with you and loved being able to take some images for you to always remember this time in your life together.

(Definite Yellowstone (the show) vibes at this session) ;)