bride and groom on top of mountain hugging with dog at elopement
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Alexa and Atrejui (Trey) are such sweet souls. We love how they care for each other. You can see the depth of their love when they are together.

Their intimate wedding became more of an elopement from everything going on with Covid-19 and wanting to be as safe as possible. It definitely didn’t stop them from celebrating their love for each other with a few of their friends and their amazing pup, Scooter.

Trey got ready at their adorable apartment and Alexa got ready at an equally adorable Airbnb in Thomas. Their first look was at some of the waterfalls at Blackwater Falls. So many people watched as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. The light was shining on them as we walked up the hillside. It was beautiful!

We stopped for a moment to grab a few images at a bridge and then headed to Dolly Sods for a hike to their ceremony spot. The clouds looked ominous, but we stayed dry the entire time (which is pretty amazing).


Their ceremony was so sweet and the vows were so meaningful. Alexa quoted one of Tyler Gregory Knott’s poem during her vows, “I feel pride calling myself yours, admitting that I belong to you. This does not divide my worth, does not reduce me, it adds, it accumulates atop the value I was born with. Whatever is more whole than whole, I feel.” It was such an authentic, sweet moment as she said these words to him, along with everything else they shared with each other. Trey’s vows were just as amazing. There were tears going all around during them.

After the ceremony, they all celebrated with some champagne and we headed over to the rocks in Dolly Sods for some more photos. The sunset was amazing and full of colors. We then hiked back to our cars and headed to The Billy Motel. So much amazing food and the ambiance was perfect for everyone to enjoy the evening together.

Alexa + Trey, we are truly so happy for you both. You are such amazing people and we are so lucky and blessed to have been there for your beautiful day.

An amazing elopement in Blackwater Falls and Dollys Sods...