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Lauren + Brenden’s engagement session was so much fun! When I got to their place, it was pouring and I was thinking I might have to reschedule (I already had to reschedule due to the rain the day before). I got there and was watching the radar like crazy. We decided to have some wine while we waited and chatted about life. It was such an amazing time to get to know them and learn about how they met and learn about their lives.

The rain stopped finally and we headed out to Wisp mountain with their adorable pups (Sydney + Heidi). After that, we headed to Swallow Falls for some more photos. It was such a beautiful evening and because of the rain, we were pretty alone in the woods. We adventured along the trails and water and stopped at some pretty amazing locations. They went barefoot almost the entire time, I was in awe. They definitely love the outdoors, so these locations were perfect for them! The water was crazy high so it was a little scary getting close to the water, but it was SO beautiful!

Congrats you two! Cannot wait for your wedding!