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We recently traveled to Utah and it was amazing! Utah has this special place in our hearts and every time we visit, we are in awe. The trip was filled with a lack of sleep, lots of driving, cold nights, hiking and capturing people’s stories. We worked with Becoming Ultra to photograph and video some runners who were doing an ultra for the first time.

While not photographing the event, we got to see some cool stuff in Bryce. If you have never been, go. There’s just something majestic about Utah. Every time we go, we fall in love with it all over again.

We flew to Denver and headed immediately out to Utah. We stopped at some of our old stomping grounds along the way. We got BBQ in Idaho Springs. We grabbed some wine in Palisade. Then we found an amazing place in Utah to camp out. It was so windy, so it was a bit tough to sleep.

When we got to Bryce, it was snowing. We hadn’t been in about 6 years. I knew it was going to be cold, because it was cold in May, about 6 years ago.

When we got into the park, Jake+Scott went for a run among the snow and beautiful scenery. I hung out at the lodge and shop to try to find some way of using my computer over the weekend (nothing was found btw). Then we headed to the race and set up camp for the night. That was probably the coldest I have ever been, while camping.

We worked all day to capture people’s stories and then headed towards Colorado again. It was a beautiful/amazing trip. If you haven’t been to Utah, you must go.

Here are a few of Jake’s images from the trails, because they are pretty rad.