couple walking in snow in colorado


If you know how Colorado weather is, you know you will never be able to figure out if you will have snow or not in April. The minute we were off the airplane, it started to get colder and started snowing.

We were planning more of a springy session for Haily+Mauricio, but we were all in for the snow. We know how awesome it is for sessions. The light just bounces and always looks good.

We scoped everything out the day before and the morning of the session and had to change locations last minute due to the amount of snow, but it was all perfect.

Haily+Mauricio were completely down to adventure and have some fun! Their pups even sat for a few photos. They are so adorable! It was about 18 degrees out and nonstop snowing, but it honestly didn’t feel cold at all to any of us.

We are so happy we got to catch up (fyi: Jake taught Haily when we lived in Western Colorado and Shannon had a shoot with them a few years ago).

We had a blast with you guys!!

Couple in snow together

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