Liz+Chris’s winter wedding day was one to remember. They wanted a snowy wedding, but you never know how the weather is going to be in the Blackwater Falls and Dolly Sods areas. It can be 70 one day and 22 the next.

Leading up to the day, we had a couple feet of snow, but right before the day, almost all the snow had melted. We were so lucky though and there was still some snow at Dolly Sods. It actually snowed off and on during the day, which was amazing!

It was a day that was spent with such beautiful and kind souls. The day was full of so many sweet moments and beautiful scenery and we’re so happy we were there for all of the moments.

We love fiercely, and put each other first, no matter what.


We were friends of friends that lived in the same small town. We were a part of the same acquaintance circle, but were both married previously so we did not know each other very well. After we both experienced life-altering changes in our marriages, jobs, and family situations, we began to connect and want to spend time together. Neither of us was looking for a relationship, but we were exactly what each other needed. We quickly became best friends and our experiences gave us a new perspective on love and what really matters. What we thought were broken pieces, all came together and made something beautiful. Our love was unexpected and didn’t make sense to us, but that’s how we knew it was real and we can’t imagine life without one another. Chris has two girls from his previous marriage, that I love as my own. We became a family, blended and blessed. We love fiercely, and put each other first, no matter what.


Chris & I took a trip to Ronceverte, WV in 2021. It was our first trip together and neither of us knew what to expect. We just knew that we loved being around each other and we loved the outdoors, so we chose the mountains. It has always been a special place because it marks the beginning of our story and the realization that what we were feeling was love for one another. In Nov 2022, Chris planned a trip for us but would not tell me where we were headed. After hours on the road, and figuring out that we were headed back to WV, we pulled up to the same cabin in Ronceverte that we had visited on our first trip together. That evening we cooked supper together and sat down to eat. Halfway through supper, in true Haddock form, Chris tried to pull the ring box from his pocket but dropped it on the floor beside me. Seeing that he had no choice but to roll with it, he got down on his knee, picked up the ring box, and proposed. We laughed about how nothing can ever go as planned for us, but that’s what makes our stories, and life together, so much fun. WV was the obvious choice for our elopement, because it holds so many memories.


We really just love each other and our girls so we want to capture this first and foremost. We love anything vintage or antique…we’d also use the word “rustic.” We want our wedding to have a very simple but elegant vibe, with nature adding the finishing touch. We are open-minded but also very old school at the same time, and treasure old traditions and styles. Simple is better for us.

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We started in Canaan Valley at a fun cabin near Timberline and then headed to Blackwater for the sweetest ceremony. We then headed to Dolly Sods to grab some more images with lots of snow and then we made it back to the cabin to end the evening with some champagne, steaks and amazing desserts.

Congrats you all! We are so happy for you!! Thank you so much for having us there for your wonderful day.

“Thank you both SO much for making our day so special and capturing all of these memories. Your gift of telling people’s stories through images is something that cannot be matched.”